InTown.TV was created by long-time Sedona residents who understand the needs of the local, business and visitor community.

We're here to make a difference by providing top-notch service to help the community grow, through our unique communication and information system.


Our mission is to transform the way businesses communicate and interact with the community.

We've seen that there's a need for an affordable way for the multitude of small, medium and large businesses that exist in our town, to reach their target customer base.


InTown.TV is here to help the small business community thrive.


When we all experience an increase in business, the local economy grows, and people help each other succeed.


InTown.TV is continuing to grow our network, to provide maximum benefit for our Hosts and viewers, along with maximum exposure for our advertisers.


We provide the missing link. Current community information, connection between customers and businesses, and affordability.





InTown.TV - a division of Media Technologies Consulting, LLC