What IS InTown.TV?


InTown.TV is a full-time digital video information network, delivered over our proprietary digital system.

Our screens are located only in qualified, high-traffic locations, where thousands of viewers per month are sure to see them.

Similar to digital billboards you've seen on the side of the highway, we provide the community with relevant, current information about what there is to do in our area, and offer low-cost advertising for local businesses, helping the community and improving the local economy.


How is InTown.TV different from cable TV?

Unlike local cable TV channels, which are seen only if a viewer finds the correct channel,  InTown.TV uses our own private network and dedicated screens.

Our screens display only InTown.TV exclusively, all the time. There's no need for a viewer to happen upon the "right" channel.


- Local cable channels do not provide up-to-date community information and events in their programming.

InTown.TV always displays Events Central, providing visitors and residents with current information they can use each day.

Events Central listings are updated daily. Events Central is a FREE community service.


- Local cable TV channels show each ad only once every two hours.

Standard InTown.TV ads are displayed over 6 times per hour - about once every 9 minutes. JUMBO ads are displayed every 15 minutes.


- Cable TV channels require advertisers to pay expensive up-front video production costs to create their ad, in addition to charging for the ad to run.

There are NO PRODUCTION COSTS with InTown.TV - ad creation is included in our amazingly low pricing.


- There are NO CONTRACTS to advertise with InTown.TV. Simply choose the ad duration that suits your needs and budget. Not so with local cable channels.


- Cable TV programs are produced to depend on audio narration to convey their message.

Cable TVs located in public areas usually have the sound turned off to avoid annoying the customer, or the narration often cannot be understood due to noise in business location.

This does not serve the advertiser, as the viewer does not understand the advertiser's message without the narration.

InTown.TV uses state-of-the-art multimedia visual content to insure the lowest possible cost for our customers (no production costs), while insuring the viewer is engaged, silently, even from across a crowded, noisy room, without annoying narration.


How are your viewer numbers determined?

Our viewer counts are based on actual customer visits, provided to us by our Host Partners.


What’s the difference between a Standard Ad and a JUMBO ad?

A standard ad is 640x380 pixels in size and occupies the lower right corner of the InTown.TV screen.

A JUMBO ad is three times as large, 640x948 pixels, and occupies the entire right side of the screen.

See the example video on our home page to see the difference. See our SEE HOW IT WORKS demo on the Home page of this web site for examples.


How large are InTown.TV screens?

The average size screen is 43".


Where can I find InTown.TV screens?

Our screen locations can be viewed by clicking on the “Premier Hosts”  tab above on the web site. This is always kept current.


How many times per day will my ad play?

JUMBO ads play 4 times each hour, 48 times per day – they appear every 15 minutes.

Standard Ads are shown a minimum of 80 times per day.


Why don’t your ads use sound?

InTown.TV screens are located exclusively in high-traffic businesses around town. These are relatively noisy areas due to activity in the business, where sound would be annoying, and not be easily understood.

We use eye catching visual content to insure your message is received, no matter how noisy or busy the location is.


Can InTown.TV play video in ads?

Yes, advertisers can provide their own content in video format if they desire (must meet format requirements below).


Does InTown.TV shoot video for use in ads? ITTV does not currently provide this service, but can refer you to local video production companies that can provide this service for you.


What size and type of images are acceptable for upload?

Standard ads are 640x380 pixels in size, and a minimum of 180 dpi. Only .jpg, or .png, images are accepted.

Jumbo ads are 640x948 pixels in size, and a minimum of 180 dpi. Only .jpg, or .png, images are accepted.

Video files can be accepted if they are: MPEG-4 (H.264) or MOV. They should be shot in HD. (preferably 1080p, but 720p can be used).

Animations: .swf

Note: due to the variety of configurations possible using video formats, InTown.TV cannot guarantee your video file will be play properly on our system. Should we find your file is unacceptable, you will be notified as soon as possible.


What technology does ITTV use?

We use custom digital marketing software, developed by us, based on our 21+ years of experience providing similar services for major global institutions.


What is considered an "Event" for Events Central?

i.e.: A seminar, workshop, live music performance, free presentation, yard sale, art exhibit opening, etc.

Free Events Central listings are provided as a service to the community and are not meant to replace paid advertisements - please play fair.

We list general details about your event, but will usually exclude any pricing information if you provide it. Use this free service to direct viewers to your own web site, street address or telephone number to provide more details. We reserve the right to edit or refuse any Events Central submission, and they are listed on a best-effort basis. Submissions provided without contact information will not be posted.



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