How Can I Host InTown.TV?

The local business community has long had a need for a way to effectively, quickly and affordably communicate with residents, day visitors and vacationers.

What services are available, and what’s going on in our town today?



Where can people go to find out?


There are many web sites that try to fill this void. Therein lays the rub – which web site to look at?


InTown.TV provides a different solution.

We provide video screens (similar to digital billboards) in qualified, high traffic businesses placed strategically around Sedona, the Village of Oak Creek, Flagstaff, Cottonwood and Prescott.

InTown.TV provides viewers with an attractive, easy-to- see Video information Center helping people connect, learn about local businesses and events, and build community and collaboration.


At the same time, it promotes small businesses throughout the area, and increases sales for participating businesses that host InTown.TV screens.


We provide the missing link - current community information, connection between customers and businesses, and affordability . Should the viewer have missed some details, or want to learn more, they can easily find additional information on the InTown.TV web site.

Everyone wants to know what’s going on in town, during the day, and after-hours.

InTown.TV provides useful, up-to-date information, guaranteeing eyes on the screen, and that promotes your business.

Attracting new customers, creating loyal return customers, and even reaching a global audience through our web site, InTown.TV helps the local community grow and connect, which helps all residents, visitors and businesses in the Sedona area.


Joining us as one of our Host Partners not only gets your business in front of thousands, it also helps you give back to the community by providing needed information as a service to the viewing public.


How does it work?


As a Host of InTown.TV, you receive many benefits that help build brand-awareness and increase your businesses bond with the community.



• State-of-the-art digital technology is installed at your business, promoting your business, high-profit margin items, specials events or services.

• Free consultation and creation of animated graphical content (4 graphics) promoting your business the way you want to.

• 12 free updates to the graphics we created for you (one each month).

Bonus! - Free promotion for your business for an entire year on our website, InTown.TV.

Bonus! - your business is automatically promoted on all other screens in high-traffic venues all over town for an entire year (excluding other host sites that are direct competitors), increasing your business visibility, brand-awareness, and bringing new traffic to your doorstep.


Service includes:


- 1 HD video screen complete with professional installation and mounting, installed at your place of business.

- 1 InTown.TV receiver, installation and setup.

- Majority percentage (almost 2/3) of screen real estate, dedicated to promoting your business in-house.

- Creation of 4 professionally designed custom graphics promoting your business / services (designed in cooperation with you), free.

- 12 free changes / updates per year to the above graphics (1 per month).

- The ability to add your own content (up to 10 running at one time) to your in-house screen segment. That's a total of 14 graphics.

- 1 free ad promoting your business for an entire year on the other screens in the network, (directly competing business types are automatically filtered out. This means if you own a restaurant, for example, your ad will not show up on a competing host restaurant's screen).

- The same graphic ad mentioned above is prominently promoted on our web site; InTown.TV for an entire year – which viewers will be driven to for more information about the businesses, events and services they see on your host screen.

- Complete remote management of all graphics, and technical support over the Internet. You don't hassle with the technology at all!


Host businesses agree to provide:

o 24x7 internet access for receiver.

o 24x7 power for receiver and screen.

o Reasonable security for both devices.

o Host agrees to have system on and visible during normal business hours.

o Host agrees not to use their screen segment to resell advertising – it is to be used for in-house self-promotion only.


All of the above (a $3600 value) is included with your 12 month commitment, for only $2397.00.



Special Offer - Become a Premier Host

10 qualifying host businesses of varying types, including restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, entertainment venues, bars, cafes, supermarkets, etc., are being selected during the initial roll-out period to receive all of the above

at no cost, a $3600 risk-free value.


Applications for this charter program must be received by December 31, 2017 in order to be eligible for this offer.











InTown.TV - a division of Media Technologies Consulting, LLC